Quote of the Day from Keith Richards

“If only Mozart had had a good drummer…”


Kanye Not Happy

Word on the Street: Kanye not happy with release date of Purple Heart; says date of Feb. 17th stifles his “creativity.”  Threatens to show up at Book Release party.

Reportedly, the rapper thinks Beyoncé should win the Pulitzer for Fiction and the Edgar for best mystery. Author Neelly stumped for reply!

Met Jean-Robert Cadet Today!

Wow, Mr. Cadet came to Gateway today to speak about his book Restavec.  He was born into slavery in Haiti, working as a houseboy until age 14 when he was brought to NYC and became homeless.

Now he has a master’s degree, has written two books, has been on Oprah, has appeared before the United Nations and his dream is to end child slavery in Haiti. Now that’s inspiring!

Rock Neelly to appear at HorrorHound Weekend, March 20-22

I’ll be at the Cincinnati event, HorrorHound Weekend, on March 20-22.  My novel, The Purple Heart Detective Agency, will be available for purchase at the PostMortem Press exhibit at the show.

The show will be held at the Sharonville Convention Center, 11355 Chester Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246.  Many of the authors at PMP will be at the show. Tons of titles will be available for purchase.  Come out for the fun!

See the hours at the link below: